Windshield Repair or Replacement

As a car driver, you make your driving decisions based on a clear view of what’s ahead of you. However, the clarity of the view and the vehicles ahead depends on your windscreen. A clean and clear windshield is integral to your driving safety, and even a small crack can seriously hamper your vision. A pitted or cracked windshield can catch and reflect the glare from sunlight or street lamps, or even the lights from passing vehicles. Significant damage will impair your vision and you will just not be able to see or drive well at all.

Up until recent times, a crack or a chip in your windshield would mean replacement of the entire glass. Today’s technology permits windshield repair using special crack filling resins that are grouted into the crack and smoothened out to make an almost invisible repair. This preserves the glass and retains its structural stability, besides saving you a bunch in terms of time and money! Not only that, windshield repair is also environment friendly – as it keeps our landfills free of broken glass!

The possibility of windshield repair depends on the size and position of the damage, and not all chips or cracks can be safely repaired. It requires an expert technician to assess this and determine whether a repair is possible or the glass should be entirely replaced. To determine whether a windshield repair can be safely carried out, just give us a call. Our technicians will assess the damage and give you a heads up on whether it can be repaired. Our special technique allows the repair of cracks up to six inches in length using specially formulated resin- hot diamond gel- that makes your windshield repair almost as good as new.

In general, most chips or cracks can be fixed safely and quickly, at a cheaper rate than a windshield replacement. In some circumstances, though, a windshield replacement is the safer option – for instance, if the crack is too large, has been neglected and gathered road film, or is situated in a difficult location. Also if the damage is extensive then windshield replacement may be the only safe option.

Whatever be the case, unless your repair or replacement is carried out by experienced technicians with sufficient expertise, you will be endangering your safety and that of your loved ones. When you come to Auto Glass Brampton, you can rest assured that you have come to the best people in town!

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